SUPREME Office Chair

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Blood Red, Solid Grey

17 reviews for SUPREME Office Chair

  1. jensen111

    Easy to assembly the chair and feel ergonomic when sitting. Good to have one.

  2. zamkedahan

    Barang dpt dlm keadaan baik dan memuaskan..berbaloi dgn harga

  3. xakarix84

    1 of these screws doesn’t fit the hole, luckily they gave 1 extra. Doesn’t feels durable, but the price is cheap too.

  4. zuhairinaizah

    Harga murah.. berbaloi..

  5. aminsethh

    Terbaikk2 πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ Beli untuk mak nok solat sambil duduk. Boleh rehat kan kepala sbb ada sandar kat blakang

  6. the_alpacarts

    A bit hard to assemble on your own. Need to bend/force it a bit, especially the arm rest part. Speaking of arm rest, it is too low for me so I can’t use it to rest my arm.

  7. hujanproduktif

    Cantikk.. Kukuh

  8. sofiyatirosli

    Puas hati.. Brg sampai OK.. Boleh bli lg

  9. koh F.

    Packaging is nice, in a box Chair is comfy, maybe the backrest not so 90 degree would be better. Too straight to lie down Height abit lower than usual chair, makes it low when sit while working from home

  10. hidayahzainal567

    barang diterima dlm keadaan yg baik penghntrn yg pantas..tiada kerosakan..

  11. mimiyana99

    Sofa terbaeekkkk!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. abilashanviran

    Ergonomic and high back enough to support your neck, received in few days after order Terima kasehh

  13. junyu_0805

    NiceπŸ‘πŸ» The screw need a bit strength to screw it in…. Overall really nice and comfy

  14. yokow84

    Pantas..good seller.. good delivery…terbaik..barang okay..just ada calar2 kt body..bergesek besi dgn besi..

  15. k17.a1402037

    Cuma nk pasang ambik masa sikit la…mudah tp kalau salah cara mmg mkn masa

  16. vanillalavender

    Susah sikit nak pasang bahagian arm rest. Yang lain tiada masalah. Overall terbaik

  17. kaijffr

    Seller ship out pantas dlm seminggu lebih sampai kerusi, tempat duduk agak keras dan bontot akan sakit bila duduk lama, saya seorang yang tinggi dan berbadan besar, tempat leher agak rendah saya kenan rendahkan badan sedikit baru boleh letak leher saya

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